Guangzhou, the first surplus Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an active biological enzymes and textile auxiliaries industry leader and pioneer, and also the textile industry professional solution provider. Surplus Asia, Hong Kong International Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the mainland, a subsidiary of R & D direction of the textile finishing a variety of biological enzyme system and environmental auxiliaries, is an environmentally friendly high-tech chemical technology companies

Profit from the unknown within the industry a young bull, assiduously and effort to develop their professional team and a strong marketing network to have experienced the baptism and transformation of growth.

We uphold the advanced products, the earnings base for the guidelines, APRO is the carrier to host our team, our registered trademark. "A", a symbol of the struggle forward, united, true to line; "PRO", the implication has always been a firm spirit of science-based professional to do and doing well.




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